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June 17th 2015 mobile-related update?

June 17th, 2015 by Bartosz Góralewicz, Max Cyrek

First of all - We are really happy to be publishing our first post at! It is still an early beta, but we did put a lot of effort to make this tool as precise and useful as possible. Welcome aboard!

Today we can observe one of the largest Google serp flux recorded by so far.

Let’s take a quick look at what happened:

Desktop Search - June 17th 2015

Mobile Search June 17th 2015

As you can see on the screenshot above, this update had 3 x more impact for mobile than for desktop search results. 16.15 SerpWatch Score for mobile vs. 5.22 for desktop. But those were not all the serp differences that we observed. Let’s look at the countries one by one.

USA - Google ranking fluctuations

USA - Desktop

If we filter out only results from USA and desktop, SerpWatch Score of 5.19 which is high above the average of 3.

The situation looks much more dramatic if we only look at the mobile score.

USA - Mobile

These mobile fluctuations are extreme - The SerpWatch Score of 20 compared to average of 3.01 is a 433% increase!

USA mobile vs. desktop

Mobile serp results were affected 400% more than desktop search.

If you look closer, until today, both scores (mobile and desktop) were almost identical:



I think it is safe to assume from the data that for the first time mobile results shifted from being really similar to desktop.

UK - Google ranking fluctuations

UK - Desktop

The SerpWatch Score for UK was quite high (7.2) but I think that this SERP fluctuation could be divided into 2 days.

UK - Mobile

The mobile SerpWatch Score looks almost identical as desktop. It is quite interesting if we compare those differences with US market.

Poland - Google ranking fluctuations

Poland - Desktop

We can see that something was going on in Poland since June 5th. Looking at the fluctuations over these last few days, it is really similar to what we can see in the US market. The desktop SerpWatch Score is 5.2 which is not extremely high, but it is a significant jump.

Poland - Mobile

Again, we can see here a similar pattern to what we could observe in the US market. Mobile SERP fluctuations were hand in hand with what we could observe for desktop data (until today when mobile fluctuations hit 14.8).

Australia - Google ranking fluctuations

Australia - Desktop

As you can see on the chart above, ranking fluctuations in the Australian market are much “milder” than the other countries we’ve seen previously. Looking at the chart above, I think we may adapt the scale of our tool in this market to show this a little bit better. There was a significant spike today in Australia, still it is hard to even compare the scale to what we saw in US, UK or Poland markets respectively.

Austrialia - Mobile

Similar to UK, mobile and desktop go hand in hand in Australia.

Canada - Google ranking fluctuations

Canada - Desktop

There was a significant spike in Canada today (3.6 SerpWatch Score), but I think it could be just a backfire of websites jumping on US and UK market. There is quite a lot of global websites that rank in Canada, USA and UK and it could be something we are seeing on the chart above.

Canada - Mobile

Similar as in UK and Australia, there are no major differences between Mobile and Desktop results.


What we are observing here is an interesting shift. We can see similar patterns for some of the markets.

USA & Poland

USA & Poland -There is a significant and major difference between mobile and desktop rankings. Both those metrics were hand in hand until now. This is the first time when we can see a major difference.

UK, Canada and Australia

All those markets were not affected as badly as USA & Poland. Also - all those markets could be affected by what we observe in the USA (.com). As we know there are quite a lot of international websites ranking in all those countries. Heavy drops in USA can affect UK, Canada and Australia. One more theory here - The algorithm can be just rolling out now so it could take a day or two to fully impact those countries.

One thing's for sure, we can clearly see a clear difference between USA & Poland vs. UK, Canada and Australia in desktop vs. mobile.

What could be the reason for that?

Different data centers for mobile and desktop

Before jumping into some crazy conclusions, we have to keep in mind that what we see now could be just a tip of the iceberg. We need to remember that Google rolls out the updates over different data centers. Mobile could be the first one to go and we could see a huge spike for desktop tomorrow. Of course I highly recommend you to sign up to our newsletter so you can be the first person to know about that.

Mobile algorithm update

This is also a possible scenario. It is a little too early to use this theory as a clear diagnosis. All the data we have now seems to confirm it, but I think we need to wait for first analysis of this algorithm (winners and losers, case studies etc.) to be sure it was indeed the case.

One thing I think is safe to say - it is not Google Penguin. I would be surprised to see it rollingout on Wednesday, but apart from that, none of the patterns we see among our clients seem to support Google Penguin. I think it is pretty safe to assume it is either Google Panda or some other on-page related Google Algorithm.

What are your inputs? Please don’t hesitate to leave your comment below!

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